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Business executives lead the way in mobile adoption and 77 percent of executives use their smartphone to research a product or service for their business, according to IDGs Global Mobile 2014 Survey . The study found that executives use phones and tablets to conduct business research in the evenings more than any other time of day. Mobile-focused web design is not only important for user experience, but also for search engine rankings. Weeks ago, Google announced it would be rewarding mobile friendly websites in its latest algorithm. The Server Mania website provides an example for other businesses wanting to make their website respond to different mobile devices. Server Mania is also committed to educating businesses about mobile optimized design and hosting. Last month, the Server Mania blog provided tips and advice for the web community for adopting mobile-friendly web design, as well as optimizing mobile ads to get the most impact. As a leading provider of hosting for mobile websites and applications, it was important for us to update the website with an increased focus on responsive design, Server Mania CMO Justin Blanchard said. Our customers rely on our lightning-fast platform for reaching customers on mobile devices. Our refreshed website now uses industry-standard best-practices to provide customers a mobile-optimized experience. ### About Server Mania: In operation since 2002, Server Mania has provided clients enterprise-level service at an unbeatable price. Server Mania offers a wide range of fully-customizable dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting services.

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This is where captivating web design can play a pivotal role in attracting prospective customers and boosting sales for your business. On the other hand, if a websiteas design is dull and boring, the business would be far from capitalizing on the potential of the internet. At BigRock, we are keen to see our clients build great websites. This is the primary reason why we launched our one of its kind web design marketplace – DesignXchange . Through DesignXchange you can easily reach out to highly proficient web designers in your city or zip code. The demand for quality website design services is increasing by the day, allowing innumerable website designers & freelancers to step in and address this market. Unfortunately, surplus of options usually confuse the seekers of the services, rather than helping them out. So, how can you be sure that the designer you select has what it takes to build that great website for you? The answer is simple, visit DesignXchange. Our extensive database of leading web designers is simply a click away.

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